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Zoomify HTML5 Enterprise V3

Zoomify HTML5 Enterprise includes everything in Zoomify HTML5 Express and everything in Zoomify HTML5 Pro plus image filters, annotations, and web-based editing, and slidestack synchronized image viewing - everything the enterprise requires for applying multi-megapixel and multi-gigapixel images!
Zoomify HTML5 Enterprise delivers eight image filters including Brightness, Contrast, and Edges. Sophisticated image annotations include Notes, and Labels with freehand drawings, polygons, and measurements. Web-based annotation editing enables viewing and authoring in one intuitive interface. And slidestack viewing includes support for up to 30 zoomable images including navigation via keys, list, mousewheel, and toolbar - and matching or independent annotations for each slide.


Zoomify HTML5 Enterprise - Features & Benefits

Everything in Zoomify HTML5 Express including:   
Drag-drop image conversion, fast zoom-and-pan viewing, intuitive navigation via Toolbar, Navigator, mouse, or keys, preset initial views, fullscreen mode, built-in help, ZIF one-file storage option, and more!
Everything in Zoomify HTML5 Pro including:   
Rotation, Tours, Slideshows, Virtual Pointer, Ruler, Measuring, Watermarking, Copyrighting, Hotspots, Debug tools, complete JavaScript source code, and more!



Plus Zoomify HTML5 Enterprise adds:

  • Image filters - Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Blurriness, Edges, Inversion, Grayscale, Threshold
  • Annotation viewing and editing in HTML5 - no Flash needed!
  • Slidestack viewing - up to 30 zoomable images synchronized in one display - annotation support included!
  • Annotations include Points of Interest, Notes, and non-destructive in-image Labels - all XML or JSON-driven
  • Markup Editing Mode - for rapid image annotating
  • Full Annotation Editing Mode - for guided entry and Cancel option
  • Freehand drawings!
  • Icon labels with HTML captions
  • Drag-rectangles, polygons (open or closed), and text-only labels
  • Measurement polygons - save lengths, circumferences, and areas with customizable units
  • Choose colors for lines and captions
  • Annotation editing shortcuts - reposition: alt-click-drag, show/hide: alt-click Min/Max buttons, more
  • Rectangular tile display for compatibility with leading microscopy tools
  • Continued support for PFF single-file storage (new ZIF format recommended*)
  • Posting examples for annotations XML - ready-to-use scripts in ASP, JSP, PERL, and PHP
  • Extensive customization flexibility with 106 HTML and 52 XML parameters
  • Priority email support plus 1 year product maintenance including free upgrades


Zoomify HTML5 Enterprise Includes:

Everything in Zoomify HTML5 Express including:   
Zoomify Unlimited Converter, JavaScript Zoomify Image Viewer - no Flash required, example toolbar skins, extensive web page feature implementation examples, detailed User's Guide and Parameters List documentation
Everything in Zoomify HTML5 Pro including:
Enhanced Viewer, 38 additional web page feature implementation examples, viewing and ZIF storage test tools, Function List API documentation, and complete editable JavaScript Viewer source code
Plus Zoomify HTML5 Enterprise adds:

  • Zoomify Image Viewer image filter and annotation enhancements - a complete pre-built solution for intuitive, non-destructive, web-based image annotation viewing and authoring (View and Edit Modes)
  • 20 additional template web pages - 68 total!
  • Automatic translation of prior-version annotations XML data to current format - just add LABELSETUP parameter ZOOMIFYXMLVERSION="4" to invoke auto-updating
  • Local host and XML posting test tools
  • Website publishing tools - example annotation posting pages in ASP, JSP, PERL, PHP, and more!


Perfect for application arenas involving large volumes of high-quality, mission-critical images:

  • Aerial Photos & Space Imaging
  • Auctions & Classifieds
  • Defense, Security
  • eStore, eCatalog, & eMarketing
  • Education & Entertainment
  • Industrial Quality Assurance
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Insurance, Law Enforcement & Forensics
  • Mapping, GIS, Real Estate & Travel
  • Materials Science and Metallurgy
  • Medical & Scientific
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Museum, Galleries & Image Archives
  • Wireless & Handhelds        


  • Authoring: manual and batch image conversion of TIF, PNG, BMP, and JPEG files is supported on Windows and Macintosh with no special setup. Additional formats and platforms are supported with converter upgrades sold separately
  • Publishing: using just HTML, JPEGs, and one small JavaScript file, the Zoomify content can be hosted on any web server and is compatible with popular publishing, and ecommerce software
  • Viewing: all popular browsers are supported on all platforms including PCs, Macs, iOS, Android, and more - all without any special downloads or installs
  • Licensing: The Zoomify Converter is licensed per user - just like Photoshop and other imaging software. Your content is your own - no royalties, no strings. The Zoomify Image Viewer JavaScript file is freely redistributable on web sites or CDs/DVDs. The same is true of customized versions, so long as the JavaScript file is 'minified' (compressed using an online tool). For detailed information please refer to the Zoomify License Agreement.