Zoomify Enterprise V5
Annotations, filters, slidestacks, and more!

Zoomify HTML5 Enterprise includes everything in Zoomify HTML5 Express and everything in Zoomify HTML5 Pro plus enterprise-level features required for mission critical applications involving multi-megapixel and multi-gigapixel images.

Enterprise features include 24 Image Filters, web-based Image Annotation viewing and editing, highly optimized Slidestack Viewing, intelligent Save-To-File capability, User Login access, complete Counter Tracking system, and fully IIIF Compliant Viewing.

IIIF Compliant Viewing!

Full support for the International Image Interoperability Framework! Standards-based access to image content at leading institutions - seamlessly integrates with all the benefits of the Zoomify Image Viewer!!

Image Filters and Annotations

ZThe Zoomify HTML5 Enterprise Image Viewer provides extensive web designer control for image filters and annotations - without JavaScript editing. These including layout control, initial view parameters, Point Of Interest, Note, and Label options, and more. These 85 parameters are in addition to the 120 HTML parameters supported in Zoomify HTML5 Express and Pro.


Zoomify HTML5 Enterprise - Features & Benefits

Zoomify Image Viewer image filter and annotation enhancements - a complete pre-built solution for intuitive, non-destructive, web-based image annotation viewing and authoring (View and Edit Modes)


Drag and Drop


132 template web pages  


Publish on any web page


Annotation viewing and authoring

source code 

Zoomify Image Viewer JS source code  

HTML5 + XML + json

 Advanced parameters XML, JSON


One File Storage support


Overlays and PNG layers

IIIF Compliant Viewing

Full support for the IIIF viewing!

Medical & ScientifiC

Teamwork and collaboration

Drone mapping

Viewing and annotating aerial maps

Digital Microscopy

Many standards and formats


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Zoomify Enterprise demo

Annotation Viewing

Annotation Editing

Image Filters

Advanced Editing

Save To File

IIIF Compliance

IIIF Bookmarks

Annotations Categories

Annotations Freehand

Image List

Filters Pathology

HSL Filters